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Converting two garage doors into one you will maximise your drive through width to its full potential.

When converting two garage doors into one we remove the central pillar and install the RSJ lintel.

Your garage is now ready to be converted from two single doors to one double door. No more pulling the wingmirrors in on the car before pulling into the garage & no more leaving the car on the drive for ease.

If you have two single doors on a double garage and struggle to enter the garage in your car then look no further.

It will make you wonder how your ever managed with two single doors for so long.


Method for converting two garage doors into one –

Converting two garage doors into one involves 2 days’ work for our engineers – removal of central pillar & installation of new RSJ on day one. The engineer will then secure the garage overnight by covering with wooden boards or installing the garage door curtain ready to finish installation the following day. Day 2 entails the engineers installing the garage door guides & curtain if they haven’t done so already and completing all the wiring and installation. If there are marks on the brickwork from where the old frames were sitting, then the engineers will try to clean the brickwork as best as possible or line the reveals with UPVC. Planning is not usually required if it is a straight forward removal of central pillar and installation of one RSJ, however planning may be required if there is a secondary steel required to run from the back to the front of the garage i.e. when the garage has a room above. During these planning stages we can work alongside and liaise with structural engineers to get the panning accepted up until the day of installation when the building inspector attends site to sign off the work.


Here is an example of one of our customers where we were converting two garage doors into one –

In May 2019 we were contacted by Bowker Builders based in Werrington, Staffordshire to go and provide a quotation for their customer. The customer had two single doors separated with a brick central pillar. A car had run into the garage, damaging both doors and the central pillar which meant the current state of the building was not safe. The customer thought about converting two garage doors into one instead of repair to the central pillar and two single doors being installed. The builders did not have time to complete the work required due to their very busy schedule which is why they contact Rolux UK to complete the work. We were contacted late on Friday 26th April and attended to complete the site survey on Monday 29th April as requested by the builder.


Our quotation was accepted, and the customer chose to go down the route of the roller garage door. The customer preferred the design of the roller garage door, due to having the full headroom required. She preferred the idea of it rolling straight up into a neat fully enclosed box, instead of the tracks running back into the garage roof like sectional garage doors and up & over garage doors do. The roller door is 20mm insulated and made to measure, which suited the customer as she had up & over doors previously. These were not made to measure nor insulated, this meant she was gaining a better insulated garage & house due to the garage being connected to the property.

Day 1 –

On day one, we attended site and had prearranged for a skip to be delivered on this morning ready for all the waste. Our two engineers started removing the old doors & central pillar, this entailed our engineers supporting the building with acrow props. After spending a full day there completing this, the engineers then secured the garage by installing the new garage door using a temporary supply. The control unit is installed on the wall where the customer requires it to be installed, she will then be able to operate the door off that control unit or one of the two handheld remotes she will receive after installation is complete. Depending on what certain jobs entail sometimes the engineers would board up & secure the garage with wooden boards until the following morning. On this job the engineers were doing well for time and managed to install the guides and garage door curtain ready to finish the installation the following day.

Preparing to remove central pillar

Installation of new RSJ

Ready for new installation

Skip on site ready – supplied by Enviro Skip

Day 2 –

On day two the engineers arrive on site ready to finish the installation of the new Rolux roller door. With the door being installed with a temporary supply on the first day, the engineers finish off by installing the mains power.

Once the roller door was installed, we trimmed the reveals with UPVC due to the marks left on the brickwork by the old frames. We used matching laminated Rosewood PVC to complement the door.

The site was then cleaned thoroughly, and the driveway was hosed down to remove any excess dust & dirt.

Rollixo control unit

Somfy handheld remote

After installation – before UPVC

Installation complete

All work on site was installed and completed by Rolux employees and no subcontractors where hired. The customer was extremely happy with the job as a whole and left a review to confirm that she was delighted with the work completed.

Please see below some more examples of Rolux UK Limited converting two garage doors into one.