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Flood defence barriers – NEW PRODUCT

Here at Rolux UK, we manufacture a range of domestic & commercial roller shutters and roller garage doors. We have recently decided to utilise our materials to make flood defence barriers due to a problem one of our members of staff had. The main drain had collapsed on the main road which led to excess water flowing over the drain and gushing into the residents car park. This then continued down the path into their gardens causing all dirt and debris to go with it.

We installed our roller door guide rails to the wall either side and then made a roll of our aluminium slats complete with heavy duty bottom rubber to slide into the rails to create a flood defence barrier. This provided a lightweight, quick and simple flood protection. This was very effective at stopping the water flow, keeping the area close to the houses dry so no more worrying about water entering the house! It also kept the garden free of debris so more having to sweep up following the storm! We can offer these in a range of colours so they look sleek in design whilst also protecting you.

We can manufacture these to any bespoke size for all types of openings and requirements. These can be fixed permanently or are easily removable. When the barrier is not required, it can easily be stored away for future use.

We have a choice of either 75mm or 90mm wide guide rails and can cover widths up to 5m.

These type of flood defence barriers have been proven to be more cost effective and offer more protection than traditional sandbags. Sandbags are also more labour intensive and take a lot more time to put out or remove. With our barriers, they can be inserted or removed in a few seconds making it a lot more attractive option if you haven’t got much time!

It is also very effective for winter periods. If we have heavy snowfall, this creates a lot of water when the weather warms up. The barriers are effective for protecting you against this also.

If you are interested in this product or have any queries, please call 0800 4580479 / 01270 879416 or email sales@roluxuk.com.