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Figures for year ending June 2019, police recorded robbery offences saw an 11% increase.  The offence of robbery involves theft (or attempted theft) with the use or threat of force. Now is the prefect time to secure your home and possessions. Most burglaries happen in the daytime. When you think of a burglar you typically imagine someone sneaking around in the night unnoticed, but in actual fact most burglaries take place between 10.00 and 15.00 so it helps to be cautious all day long.

Did you know…

  • A burglary takes place every 108 seconds in the UK
  • someone is home during 58% of burglaries
  • 28% of burglars gain access via a rear window
  • The Office for National Statistics puts the average cost of a residential burglary in the UK at £3,030

Security shutters are best options to provide home security, insulation and privacy to your home. If you are looking for security to your home and possessions, then you can count on us to prevent possible break-ins.

Security shutters provide additional home security as well as securing commercial properties. If you are worried about living on a main road with plenty of passers-by with prying eyes, then having security shutters installed would give you extra piece of mind when it comes to your personal possessions.

Burglaries can cause a lot of distress. If you don’t invest in security shutters then the lasting feeling of intrusion and violation following a burglary can greatly impact on your sense of home security.

Designed to cover windows and doors but are also ideal for applications such as: sheds, tight doorways, small garages and more.

Rolux security shutters are available in different colours so they will fit in well with your décor, making them less of an ‘eye sore’.

The shutter curtain, tamper-proof guide rails and box lid, this provides the best insulation, noise pollution and home security.

The shutters are durable, hard wearing and powder coated for a long-lasting, anti-corrosion finish. For added assurance, they are CE certified to meet the EU’s quality standards and come with up to 5 years manufacturer’s warranty.

Security shutters have positives for both winter and summer. In the winter you can shut the shutters down and feel the extra warmth from the installation. In the summer you can block the sun from shining through the windows, this is done by shutting the shutters leaving them slightly. This allows the air to get through the vents in between the slats. This allows you to control air flow into your home, minimising the sun’s heat in summer, and helping retain warmth during winter.

Rolux security shutters can either be supplied with manual or automatic operation.


We have recently completed a job in Staffordshire where we installed security shutters because the customer experienced a burglary. The intruders smashed through the patio doors at the back of the property and gained entry getting away with valuable and sentimental possessions. Feeling vulnerable and shaken, the customer contacted Rolux as they wanted security shutters installing over their windows and doors immediately. The customer wanted to prevent this happening again and to ensure peace of mind.

The customer also wished to have:

  • Security cameras with built in motion detection, and to be viewed through their smart phone and tablet where these can also be controlled
  • Lights that are activated when the camera detects motion, with the option of this being programmed to happen between certain hours
  • Application where the shutters can be operated from anywhere, can be programmed to be open/closed at certain times and can also operate if the camera detects motion