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Roller Garage Door Installation for Mr Fisher

Roller Garage Door Installation can sometimes be a complex process. We were recently contacted by Mr Fisher who required information on our garage door range. He was about to commence with an installation of a garage door in a challenging setting. The Roller Garage Door Installation was to be carried out in his (on order but not yet built) oak framed structure. The main concerns of the customer centred around how he might be able to install one of our roller garage doors onto his non-standard timber framed structure.

The aim of the project was to convert over one side of the structure to become a fully enclosed garage whilst keeping the other side open to park his car under (see featured image). After a thorough and detailed telephone conversation, the customer was still unsure about the exact requirements for our roller garage door. In order to better meet our customers needs we agreed that we would visit him on site in order to review the drawings and provide our advice on the best way to proceed with the project.

Craig Cartwright, our specialist representative visited Mr Fisher on site to firm up on the specific requirements for the Roller Garage Door Installation. After discussing the project with Mr Fisher and his builder, the customer was then confident to proceed with the installation having confidence in our experience and capabilities.

He selected the Diamond Deluxe Roller Door from our roller door range as the best product to suit his requirements. This door featured a double skinned, polyester powder coated aluminium slat. This door range incorporates 20mm of CFC – free polyurethane insulation which ensures that the garage this was fitted with would be properly insulated. The Diamond Deluxe Roller Door features a triple seal insert in the guide. The heavy duty rubber seal at the base in another essential feature which would be included to make the garage properly weatherproof. This product comes complete with a Somfy motor and remote controls. With these features, our customer had complete reliability, along with a full 5 year warranty on the whole installed product which gave Mr Fisher piece of mind.

Our Roller Garage Door installation team arrived on site on the 5th July 2017 to complete the installation works. All project work was completed in just half a day as the Roller Doors had already been tailor made in our own dedicated factory to the exact specifications. As you can tell from the project photographs the job went smoothly and was an unqualified success.


Installation date – 05/07/2017
Thakeham, West Sussex

Mr Fishers comments on the job – 

Thank you for a first class installation, I would not hesitate to recommend your company an if anybody required a demonstration of your product in the area I would be happy to show them!