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The demand for shipping container roller shutters is becoming increasingly common. Due to such a wide variety of usage, a lot of containers require wide, easy access.


Why use shipping container roller shutters?

  • Shipping container roller shutters are ideal for replacing the double doors at the end of the container as these can take up a lot of space inside or outside of the container when opened. Also, being big and bulky, they aren’t as practical when manually opening and closing. They can either be fitted internally or externally making sure you don’t lose any width or height on your container. This also makes loading and unloading easier and a lot more efficient, increasing productivity.


  • Roller shutters can also be used to cover new openings cut into the container like the photo below. Whether this be the full length of the container or to cover a window, roller shutters are by far the best solution. They can also add to your security.


  • Container roller shutters are ideal as they can separate large spaces into separate areas. This can be beneficial if you need to separate different storage items.


  • If you have converted your container into another purpose such as a living space, office or maybe a commercial use such as a café/bar, why not make it a comfortable space to be in? Our insulated profiles with draft proof seals in the guides and heavy duty bottom rubbers make it the perfect addition. In a wide range of colours, choose one that is customised to you.




Container roller shutter

See one of our case studies for shipping container roller shutters below

We work closely with Ad Modular Ltd who lead the way in modular accommodation. They have a large network of customers who they provide very high quality modular buildings to for a wide variety of projects as well as providing containers for storage. In this case, we needed to provide two roller shutters for the side of a 40ft container ready for a rail site. We had a week to complete from survey to installation to get the container to site.

We manufactured the roller shutters from our 78mm insulated profile to match the popular Goosewing Grey. The heavy duty 90mm guides had full brush inserts to reduce draughts along with a heavy duty rubber seal to the base of the door. This helped to create a nice weatherproof and warmer environment. The extruded bottom profile & autolocking system was used for security if any potential intruder tried to attack the shutter. All work was completed in time before the container had even received its lick of paint! We also did two 20ft containers shortly after which you can see a photo of below –





Container roller shutter