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Shop front shutters are one of the highest priorities for a retail business. Did you know…

  • businesses are more at risk from crime than homes are?
  • crime costs businesses millions of pounds each year?
  • reducing the risk of crime will help protect your profits


With the growing rate of vandalism and burglaries, many retail businesses suffer a substantial burden. Security shop-front roller shutters offer a more effective protection, balancing the demands of security and stylish appearance. All shop frontage security shutters can be powder coated. Common modes of operation are manual lift or electric, using a high-security key switch. Electric roller shutter doors can also be operated by remote control.

All products are tailor made and you can achieve different levels of security with different specifications of curtains and guides. Many local authorities now insist on vision sections in security shutters. Reasons for this include emergency services being able to see inside when the shutters are locked down if there is a fire or an urgent situation they need to attend to. Vision slats also have the advantage of displaying your products and advertising after closing hours. However, this is not the same with all local authorities and you can still have solid shutters if you would prefer not to have vision profiles.

Some people see shop front shutters as a purchase they shouldn’t have to make and just an extra cost, but wouldn’t you like to know that your shop is secure when you leave for the day? Wouldn’t you like to know your stock, money or any valuable goods inside are safe? Instead of paying excess fees and premium rates for claims from insurance, why not protect your shop with a Rolux roller shutter. In the long term, a Rolux roller shutter will be more economical and cost effective. The roller shutter can also come in a wide range of powder coated finishes to enhance the look of your shop.

If you require solid window shutters or any shutters on a small area, then we can provide insulated shutters also. This will help to keep your heating costs down in the winter and help shade from sunlight if needed.

Below is a case study on where we installed some shop front shutters. These were installed in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire.

Shop front shutters Staffordshire – Barnet Barbers Hanley

Barnet Barbers are a reputable Barbers based in Hanley, Staffordshire. They were looking to get their newly refurbished shop protected from any burglaries or criminal activity in the area.

Rolux went to provide a quotation for a shop front shutter to go over a window and a door and another shutter to go over another window. Barnet decided on a black 77mm foam filled insulated slat combined with vision profiles as the local authorities requested. The vision profiles went to our powder coaters to be powder coated in Black RAL9005 before  inserting polycarbonate glazing.

Within 2 weeks, Rolux UK attended to install the shutters as specified by Barnet. In one day, the electric shutters were installed and ready for operation via remote control. With upgraded locking and built in safety systems, the shutters ticked all the required boxes for the application. Here is what the shutters looked like on completion…

Here are some more images of shop front shutters and other general commercial security shutters –