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Rolux UK is proud to announce the securing of the major contract for supply and installation of electric patio awnings on the Wimbledon centre court development.

Wimbledon require electric patio awnings for the outdoor terraces located on the rear of the centre court development. This is being designed for the purpose of creating a comfortable resting & refreshment area for spectators. The electric patio awnings are required not only to provide shade but to also shelter visitors from light rain showers.

We are required to complete a presentation to the architects working on the development to prove that the specification of the electric patio awnings will be suitable for the application.

We plan to use German engineered, aluminium, full cassette awnings which offer full reliability & durability for many years of use. The cassette & arms will be polyester powder coated in a RAL9007 Silver to blend in with the building and to prevent it from showing any dirt. The fabric is a 100% solution dyed acrylic complete with a Teflon coating. This means that the fibres are dyed the correct colour before being woven which prevents any fading. The Teflon coating then ensures any dirt or water that comes into contact in the fabric will be repelled to give a long-lasting life & maintain a clean, sharp appearance.

To keep the spectators comfortable from weather conditions, we also propose to install a screen which rolls down electrically from the front profile to shelter from the wind and rain. Not only does it protect you from the weather conditions, but it also gives you increased privacy which is ideal for balcony solutions where there are close neighbouring properties. This uses the same fabric material to maintain durability and is controlled off the same remote for easy operation.

By the end of the presentation, the architects were satisfied with the quality & specification of the awnings. Wimbledon have now ordered 4 of the electric patio awnings to test on a commercial site in Sheffield which is where the new retractable roof is also being tested.

Two years later, our awnings have met their expectations and now they are ready to proceed with the rest of the electric patio awnings for the three terraces. For the installation to take place, we require specialist access equipment to meet the stringent health and safety requirements on the Wimbledon site.

For the installation of the electric patio awnings, our engineers mounted the brackets using specialist fixings and a chemical adhesive which ensures the durability of the awnings in high wind conditions.

Now in 2014, Wimbledon have written us a letter to commend how well the awnings have performed over the last 6 years:

“Rolux UK fitted the sun Awnings at Wimbledon in 2008. These were finished to a high quality standard and are very aesthetically pleasing. The awnings allow our spectators to enjoy the surroundings and provide outdoor protection whether rain or sun.

Since the Awnings have been installed we have always relied on Rolux UK to maintain them, this has been a success for the past 6 years and to date we have had no major issues.

As presented the awnings have performed and superseded our expectations.

Rolux UK have been a pleasure to deal with as a company and we look forward to future work with them.

Yours Sincerely,

John M Cox

Building and Services Manager”

Now in 2017, we have maintained our relationship as we attend Wimbledon every year to check & clean the electric patio awnings ready for the championships.

If you have any queries on our electric patio awnings or would like a quotation, please contact us on 0800 4580479 or email sales@roluxuk.com. You can also request free brochures & a free site survey on our website.